The Medicinal Benefits Of The OG Kush Strain

Medicinal users find OG Kush beneficial to treat chronic pain and psychological disorders. It has proven to be useful in handling insomnia, depression and stress as well as anxiety and it can relax the body, reduce neuropathic discomfort and inflammation.

When using this strain to treat mental health disorders, only a small amount is required as over-consuming such a THC-heavy strain can result in paranoia and more anxiety. However, for patients who are using this strain to address insomnia, a larger dose could be most beneficial in the form of a concentrate or edible.

OG Kush helps to improve focus too, so it can be beneficial for people who have ADD. Some users even report that it can help them to manage migraines and headaches due to its pain relieving properties.

Are There Any Side Effects Associated With OG Kush?

If you have a sensitivity to THC, you should take care when using OG Kush strain. Since it has such a high level of THC, it may cause THC-induced paranoia or anxiety if used excessively. The other commonly reported issues are dry eyes and dry mouth. However, both of these problems can easily be avoided by drinking plenty of water and using some moisturizing eye drops when required.

OG Kush – A Final Overview

If you’re looking for a powerful and potent strain, OG Kush will tick all your boxes. It is a great choice for both medicinal and recreational users who are looking for a powerful THC kick and who want to benefit from the uplifting and euphoric high that it can produce.


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OG Kush Strain

OG Kush has long been the genetic backbone of numerous West Coast marijuana strains. Back in 1996, OG Kush first arrived in L.A. It was brought by Matt “Bubba” Berger and was given to Josh D, a legendary cultivator, who used this hybrid to create a huge number of prominent strains including Headband and GSC. It is famous for its potency, with a THC level of between 20%-25%.a

OG Kush – Its Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The buds of an OG Kush plant are fairly large in size with an indica-like, dense structure. Its leaves are a greenish yellow, although there are a few phenotypes which have purple traces which are activated in colder weather. The pistils are vibrant orange, and are very noticeable on the colorful flowers.The trichome-covered buds have a white appearance and a sticky feel. OG strain has a very distinctive aroma.

The Effects Of OG Kush

OG Kush has a profile of around 45& indica, 55% sativa. This ensures a fairly well-balanced high which is primarily cerebral rather than physical. Most users report a rapid headrush, with intensified colors and sounds. They then experience an uplifted mood and euphoria as well as increased mental stimulation. This makes Kush a great choice for social smoking and for use during activities which involve both the mind and body. It’s also best for use during the day or the early evening because of its energizing effect.

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